Competition Rules

Don’t be dumb! All participants are expected to act like adults. Come with a designated driver. Know your limits. Be a good human. Olentangy Beer Mile reserves the right to deny admittance or remove you from the event if causing a disturbance. There are no rules requiring you to drink alcoholic beverages on the course or at any point in the event. You are an adult. Choose to participate, or not.

Olentangy Beer Mile Competition Rules

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  1. At the start of each wave each participant(or relay team) drinks four beers, and runs four laps of the quarter mile loop to run a total of 1 mile.
  2. Participants must drink beer within the 10 meter drinking zone located just before the start/finish line.
  3. Beers will be consumed from containers provided by Olentangy Beer Mile, and may not be opened in advance.
  4. Beer containers cannot be tampered with in any manner.
  5. Empty beers must be tipped over participants head before next lap can be attempted.